Time is Fleeting!

I can not believe I haven't been on here! How bad am I? Terrible.

There is no guarantee I won't do it again, but I will try to be here. It always seems that things in life rule. Like, at this time I am working on a new website http://www.books-by-wings-epress.com/ for a publisher friend of mine. The website is coming along very well, you should take a look. OH, and they are open for submissions in Romance, Young Adult and General Fiction genres.

You can tell I have been away too long as I just deleted my post LOL. That will teach me.

I have enjoyed my winter here in Florida. You can't imagine how wonderful the weather has been. I will soon be back in Maine and I hope it is warm. I've enjoyed my time here and visiting with my family. Who knows, maybe I'll be here full time in the future.

My writing has been as absent as I have. If I could add a few more hours in the day I would love to say it would make a difference. I do want to write, but for now the website and all those wonderful books have my attention. I will get back to writing.

My cat and dog also love it here. My poor dog is getting old and I think his bones, like mine, are enjoying the warmth. My dear cat is not a kitten any longer and he is huge lol. He gets into everything and still demands attention in any way he can think will get it, this usually involves destruction. 

I will try to get on here on a regular basis. Of course, it all depends on life and all that comes with it. 





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