Time Travel, can we?

Have you ever wondered if Time Travel is a possibility?

H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and many more authors have written about it. Time Travel is even referred to in many religions about the globe. Scientist are studying the concept and how they might find a way to travel through dimensions and space. Time Travel is broken down into back and forward, and spacetime. Of course, science has all kinds of technical concepts of paradoxes and parallel dimensions, the list goes on.

Then we have Time Travel in fiction that has been going on for centuries. We all have seen how fiction pre-dates the reality. Star Trek is a prime example of fiction pre-dating reality. Add in dreams and Deja' Vu, Seers and Precognition. 

We exist in a time of questions. Have you ever had a dream that eventually comes true? Or experienced Deja' Vu where you are the participant that can not change what happens, but experience all of it again. We have given names to these things that happen to us, but does anyone really know the answer of why?

Past lives is another phenomenon that many of us are conscious of having. As an author that writes Time Travel romance I often write of things I have no knowledge of, yet, I know that life, how they dress  and the tools a person would use in that era. How do I know these things? Where do the facts come from? If they are my past lives then how many lives have I lived?



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