The Character's Voice

Have you ever wondered how an author can talk to their characters. I often tell my readers how the characters will yell "Pick me, write my story!" They often get very vocal when their story is not the one I am working on and I do listen.

The characters are in charge. They really are, of course, once in a while the author will step in to keep things in focus. Most of the time the characters are the story tellers and the author, well, we write everything down.

Emotion, beliefs, goals, love, every sense is touched upon by the author. You see, we don't just type the words we feel them.

Feel, that sounds odd, but we do. An author will absorb every one of the sensations that a character feels. We laugh and cry right along with them and not just one character's emotions and actions, but all of them. For me it means that what I experience I want my readers to feel as well. I want you to feel the rush of anger, the sorrow and pain of lost love, and the joy of finding your heart's love. 


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