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Review - Sails in Time


5.0 out of 5 starsand Bertrice Small - this novel combines all of the best elements of historical romance
ByNikkion October 10, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Reminiscent of the original 'bodice rippers' such as Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsay, Virginia Henley, and Bertrice Small - this novel combines all of the best elements of historical romance, time travel, and adventure into one expertly written and crafted novel. The intense love and fierce dedication of the main characters drives the romance and is supported by the HOT erotic scenes and delicious sensual detail. As if that weren't enough there are several main plots and sub-plots that interweave and enhance the slow exciting build all the way up to the final climax and it's smooth sailing all the way to the end.

It's obvious the author did her homework as the descriptions of the ships and sailing are spot on, the detail accurate, and the feeling of authenticity only adds to the credibility of the story. The main characters are drawn with great care and their personalities crafted with precise aim which immerses the reader in the novel to the point that you are engrossed. I honestly had trouble putting my Kindle down. Rogan is the seductive male hero, ideally about as perfect as you can get. Corin is all that a heroine should be - strong, independent, and intelligent but still feminine. I adored their love story.

I have to say this book for me is EXCEPTIONAL but due in part to the fabulous writing and the comparison to my favorite novel of all time - Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Dan was so much like Pitney, Rogan similar to Ruark, Corin as headstrong as Shanna, and the backdrop of the pirates and tropical isles as intriguing. I fell in love with this book and I know it's one I will return to again and again. I couldn't give the author higher praise than to say Ms. Adams is in league with some of the greatest romance writers to ever pen their stories to page.

A wonderful addition to any romance library, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sails in Time. This is a MUST READ to be added to your list.

Characters: 5/5
Plot: 5/5
Word Building: 5/5
Story Flow: 5/5

Picky Bitches OVERALL SCORE: 5/5

New Release







July 1st is the release day of SAILS IN TIME!

One exciting adventure after another chase Corin and her pirate Rogan through the dangerous waters of the Caribbean.

Be sure to get your copy of the awesome and exciting Love in Time  series.



It is a busy time!

New covers, new release coming, like I said very busy.

I am so excited that I feel like I am back to my books and wanting to write once again. It has been hard as I haven't felt like writing for a long time. I think when you get turned upside down in life that it takes a long time to get yourself back up there and focused once again.

I do feel as though I am standing straight once again and want to concentrate on my books. I am writing, not as much as I used to do, but writing none the less.

It is a sure bet I will change my mind which story to work on a few time, who am I kidding - many many times LOL.

It feel rather nice to argue with myself of the stories and even starting a new one. I wonder what surprises I have in store for myself and my readers. Who knows maybe I will share my writing on this blog. I used to send my chapters out to readers when I first started on the internet in 1995. Goodness, that was a long time back, but then I and my friends have been publishing our ebooks on the net before it was ever vogue. We were the pioneers of what everyone is doing now with independent publishing.

It is amazing :)


The Way Back :)

I will be on my way back to Maine in a couple days. Lots to look forward to as I have a new book coming out! of yeah a full summer ahead.


Can anyone write a book?

CC0 Image: Landscape With MeadowID: 83078068 © Creativecommonsstockphotos | Dreamstime Stock Photos
CC0 Image: Landscape With MeadowID: 83078068 © Creativecommonsstockphotos | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I say yes :)

I bet you are wondering why I would bring this subject up. I guess, I want you to know that you really can create a story. I think first you need to decide what kind of story you want to write. I will stick to romance right now :)


You see, you really should write about what you love. I love history whether it is through time travel or a historic era. If you read romance then write in romance. Oddly, I don't write in the category that I read.


One thing, keep it simple to start with. Let's say you like modern western romance. Start by picking the state you want your setting to be in, there are so many available from Arizona to the Dakotas. Will your romance be set on a ranch or in a town. Once you make these decisions we need to think about the main characters.


A little side note, you are building your story with each step you take in developing the makeup of your story. Allow, yes allow, yourself to see the images taking shape. See the ranch with fences, horses, cows and all the smaller buildings that help the ranch work. In town I see a parade with various horse and riders from the ranches about the area. There may be tribal groups from the reservation riding the paint horses they breed. I can feel the excitement in the crowd, my neighbors in the story.


Oh wait, I said "my neighbors" must be that I am getting into one of my main character's head. That is right, you see around you through their eyes and perception. She is me and I am her when I am writing or I could be in the hero's head, I do love to see it all through both sides. I want all the emotions and thoughts that make up their lives. Like right now he isn't watching the parade, he only sees her a new face in a small town and yet she looks familiar.


Chev watched  her long auburn hair float  on the breeze as her intense sky-blue eyes took in the passing covered wagon from times gone by. Her excitement felt contagious. He wondered if she would meet his shoulder, his hands would probably encircle her petite frame.


Oh my, he has a name and we know what she looks likes. As the story progresses we will find out a lot more about these two. For now try your imagination and see what takes shape, maybe you will see your hero meet his heart's desire.