Can anyone write a book?

CC0 Image: Landscape With MeadowID: 83078068 © Creativecommonsstockphotos | Dreamstime Stock Photos
CC0 Image: Landscape With MeadowID: 83078068 © Creativecommonsstockphotos | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I say yes :)

I bet you are wondering why I would bring this subject up. I guess, I want you to know that you really can create a story. I think first you need to decide what kind of story you want to write. I will stick to romance right now :)


You see, you really should write about what you love. I love history whether it is through time travel or a historic era. If you read romance then write in romance. Oddly, I don't write in the category that I read.


One thing, keep it simple to start with. Let's say you like modern western romance. Start by picking the state you want your setting to be in, there are so many available from Arizona to the Dakotas. Will your romance be set on a ranch or in a town. Once you make these decisions we need to think about the main characters.


A little side note, you are building your story with each step you take in developing the makeup of your story. Allow, yes allow, yourself to see the images taking shape. See the ranch with fences, horses, cows and all the smaller buildings that help the ranch work. In town I see a parade with various horse and riders from the ranches about the area. There may be tribal groups from the reservation riding the paint horses they breed. I can feel the excitement in the crowd, my neighbors in the story.


Oh wait, I said "my neighbors" must be that I am getting into one of my main character's head. That is right, you see around you through their eyes and perception. She is me and I am her when I am writing or I could be in the hero's head, I do love to see it all through both sides. I want all the emotions and thoughts that make up their lives. Like right now he isn't watching the parade, he only sees her a new face in a small town and yet she looks familiar.


Chev watched  her long auburn hair float  on the breeze as her intense sky-blue eyes took in the passing covered wagon from times gone by. Her excitement felt contagious. He wondered if she would meet his shoulder, his hands would probably encircle her petite frame.


Oh my, he has a name and we know what she looks likes. As the story progresses we will find out a lot more about these two. For now try your imagination and see what takes shape, maybe you will see your hero meet his heart's desire.








Summer is Fleeting!

Sometimes going back in time can be a wonderful experience. Four generations came together this week to make fudge. Not just any fudge but my Grandmother's fudge that must be worked on the marble.

The technique is one that has disappeared over the years, except to direct family members. My grandmother might not have been present but you would never believe it :)

Grammie used to have one of the very first candy shops on the island, called Orr's Island Candies. She only had my grandfather and one wonderful lady to help her make all her candies. It is nice to remember how things used to be, watching them work the fondants on the marble and hand dipping each individual piece in the hot rich dark chocolate. There were the fudges like we did the other day and peanut brittle, caramels and all the varieties. I believe there were over five different fudges, three caramels, nougat and well over thirty flavors of hand dipped chocolates.

It is a shame these techniques of real candy making have been lost; some advancement aren't always as good as the old way.

I am fortunate to have lived this part of our family history and experienced the art first hand. I've smelled the unique flavors like lemon that makes you mouth water and peppermint that will open yours sinus in a rush. The rich colors that come to life as the fondant is worked on the marble are marvelous to see.

My memories are warm and filled with love during a gentler life and sometimes I wish I could really turn back the hands of time and get lost in the past.



Time is Fleeting!

I can not believe I haven't been on here! How bad am I? Terrible.

There is no guarantee I won't do it again, but I will try to be here. It always seems that things in life rule. Like, at this time I am working on a new website for a publisher friend of mine. The website is coming along very well, you should take a look. OH, and they are open for submissions in Romance, Young Adult and General Fiction genres.

You can tell I have been away too long as I just deleted my post LOL. That will teach me.

I have enjoyed my winter here in Florida. You can't imagine how wonderful the weather has been. I will soon be back in Maine and I hope it is warm. I've enjoyed my time here and visiting with my family. Who knows, maybe I'll be here full time in the future.

My writing has been as absent as I have. If I could add a few more hours in the day I would love to say it would make a difference. I do want to write, but for now the website and all those wonderful books have my attention. I will get back to writing.

My cat and dog also love it here. My poor dog is getting old and I think his bones, like mine, are enjoying the warmth. My dear cat is not a kitten any longer and he is huge lol. He gets into everything and still demands attention in any way he can think will get it, this usually involves destruction. 

I will try to get on here on a regular basis. Of course, it all depends on life and all that comes with it. 






Time Changes

© Olga Vasilkova | Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Olga Vasilkova | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I had a good laugh this morning over the time change.  I am not a fan of keeping the time change but my humor went a lot deeper.

Being back in Florida from Maine isn't something I thought about doing really. I'd best explain. 

You see I grew up in Clearwater, Florida on and off my entire life. When I was younger I worked as a waitress at many of the restaurants in this area. Most of this area, north and south of Clearwater, all depended on the migration of the "snow-birds".

I'm sure many know the meaning of a snow-bird, if not it refers to a person or persons that come to the south during the winter months. Much of the clientele that I waited on as a waitress were snow-birds. 

Most of these people were wonderful to serve and get to know. Others, well let's just say they were an unhappy lot.  We use to call Saint Petersburg the graveyard city and it was meant just as it sounds.

When you waited on these people you would put them in a not so nice category. I felt sorry for these people because they were so angry and carried that weight around in everything they did. I couldn't understand why  they left everything they knew and came south if it hurt that bad.

Other people that I worked with and I always said we would never be this way, never.

And here I am, a snow-bird. It really is laughable. Of course, I do understand now why we (snow-birds) come to the south. The reasons are simple.

What I told myself this morning, after my laughter stopped, is that I won't be in the category of an angry snow-bird. No, I am very happy to be here and will keep it that way. The warmth is beautiful even if time changes everything.


What do Readers Want? Long? Short? 

© Abdone | Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Abdone | Dreamstime Stock Photos

 As an author I think this question is on our minds all the time. Should an author change to fit the current market flow? That's always one answer that is difficult to accomplish.

My problem is that I usually write long novels for my time travels and have extensive research for the era and setting of the story. Most of these stories take me over a year to write. Heck, two to three is conceivable from start to finish. 

I do try to listen to the market wants and needs, but by the time I do it would mean changing a story. I tried it once and shortened a story. The reaction wasn't what I expected. In fact, it clarified my author self that shortening doesn't work for me. My readers want the full story and if that means a 100k word count then so be it.

I doubt if most authors would agree, but then it is the reader voice that matters to me.



Never Say Never!

Do you know that authors can find a story in just about everything. It is true, at least with me and I'm sure most artist, authors and anyone that has a creative mind.

I love to write and I do write everything--on anything. I write in my head at the grocery store, driving down the road or walking through the park. There is a story in all that I see and often in things I don't see.

Don't see? Well, this is a hard one to explain. Think of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones or Harry Potter, all of their worlds were capture by an author. I doubt they would say they didn't see them, but of course they did. Through imagination those worlds came alive and became a joy for so many people either in reading or seeing the movies. It all started in a person's mind, bit by bit the world grew, the character came alive and talked, and it all formed in an author's mind.

The mind is a curious thing in the way it connects to the author. We can visualize other worlds and times past or to come, it is all there in the imagination. As an author I see the world I write about right down to an everyday chore like making bread or planting a flower.

As a child I didn't have television, books were my world even after TV showed up in nearly every household. When I played with dolls they were all characters from my imagination. I had a tricycle that had a wagon attached to it. To me I was Annie Oakley and that was my buckboard. I went flying off the porch/cliff many, many times and no one ever stopped me from experiencing all I could from my imagination.

Now all the gadgets and electronics are common place. I have to wonder if our imagination is slipping away. How long do we have to experience the magic of the imagination?




Writing a new Genre

One thing about writing is that it is never dull. I continue to learn with each writing project. And, there  are always questions that I need answers for.

Like now, I am writing in a new genre and loving it. I am also writing in a new manner and with a partner.

What I question is if we should find a new pen name or use our regular pen name. As a reader I wonder if you care. You see, I could be writing outside of romance or still romance, but I can't help but wonder if my current readers would be interested.

As I ramble on this blog I would enjoy input from you. A new insight is always desired.



Time Travel, can we?

Have you ever wondered if Time Travel is a possibility?

H.G. Wells, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and many more authors have written about it. Time Travel is even referred to in many religions about the globe. Scientist are studying the concept and how they might find a way to travel through dimensions and space. Time Travel is broken down into back and forward, and spacetime. Of course, science has all kinds of technical concepts of paradoxes and parallel dimensions, the list goes on.

Then we have Time Travel in fiction that has been going on for centuries. We all have seen how fiction pre-dates the reality. Star Trek is a prime example of fiction pre-dating reality. Add in dreams and Deja' Vu, Seers and Precognition. 

We exist in a time of questions. Have you ever had a dream that eventually comes true? Or experienced Deja' Vu where you are the participant that can not change what happens, but experience all of it again. We have given names to these things that happen to us, but does anyone really know the answer of why?

Past lives is another phenomenon that many of us are conscious of having. As an author that writes Time Travel romance I often write of things I have no knowledge of, yet, I know that life, how they dress  and the tools a person would use in that era. How do I know these things? Where do the facts come from? If they are my past lives then how many lives have I lived?




Stories are a Popp'n

You would think that having stories coming to you as an author is a good thing. It can be good, but when you are trying to finish one story have another fill your head can be a hindrance.

I always  worry that I won't remember the story screaming at me. So, I stop the one I'm working on and frantically start writing the one that won't shut up. lol.

Creative juices are good, but can be tangled.



Let it Snow

There is a Blizzard Watch in effect right now, GRRR. I honestly don't know where all the snow is going to go. They are saying we might get 2 feet this time, that ought to make us exist in tunnels of snow.

I don't mind winter, but sometime there is a point of enough. The town had a bulldozer and dump trucks out here yesterday carting away trucks full of snow. They need to make room for this storm and all the new snow.

At this rate I figure it will take a couple months for the snow to actually melt. It'll be one sloppy spring LOL.

Take care all, at least we will know where we will be during this one :)

Writing! oh yeah lol




The Character's Voice

Have you ever wondered how an author can talk to their characters. I often tell my readers how the characters will yell "Pick me, write my story!" They often get very vocal when their story is not the one I am working on and I do listen.

The characters are in charge. They really are, of course, once in a while the author will step in to keep things in focus. Most of the time the characters are the story tellers and the author, well, we write everything down.

Emotion, beliefs, goals, love, every sense is touched upon by the author. You see, we don't just type the words we feel them.

Feel, that sounds odd, but we do. An author will absorb every one of the sensations that a character feels. We laugh and cry right along with them and not just one character's emotions and actions, but all of them. For me it means that what I experience I want my readers to feel as well. I want you to feel the rush of anger, the sorrow and pain of lost love, and the joy of finding your heart's love. 



I'm Over Winter LOL

I am in impatient person LOL, I want spring to rear its head and stop all this snow. I love winter, I do, but I'm staring at mountains of snow and more coming.

I should be writing, I really should and I am it is just not sunny out. Of course, people say that is price for living up here in Maine. The secret is that all the seasons in Maine are beautiful and I'm just ready for the next one to begin. LOL.

I said I would try to utilize the blog more and I am. Not all posts have to be about my books. 

I'd best get moving here I need to fix Eggplant fritters today. They are well worth the time involved to put together, especially if you are a veggie lover. Oh, and then, I want to make an apple bundt cake, my recipe has no eggs in it and is so moist. Winter really needs to end LOL.


New Wonderful Website

I am excited over my new website! I really like Jimdo for my site. This is one of the best website builder I've dealt with over the years. I hope you will find it an easy place to explore my books and enjoy what you find.

I am going to try and use the blog more then I have in the past. I want to share my writing experiences with my friends. It might be interesting to have a peak into my writing world. I do get lost in my writing and I talk to my characters, they can be very demanding. 

All this makes for an interesting life. So, come on over and enjoy the new website. 


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